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I often get asked for custom pendants,  and I am more than happy to make custom pendants.  I have made a new item in my shop that allows people to custom choose what crystals and metals they would like to have inside their very own unique Orgoneheart Pendant.  I am also adding the option for you to post me crystals and other items you would like personally adding to your pendant to make this a very unique and special pendant made just for you. :) There is also a text box for you to add any other information that I may need for making your pendant, and of course I am just an email away if you have any questions please use the contact me page on my site.

Or if you prefer to have a different style or design, than I currently offer, please feel free to contact me and chat through your ideas and designs.  This really is a custom pendant personally designed and made by you :)

Please visit

Click HERE to make your own unique Pendant

To start making your very own Pendant.  Remember please allow 15 days for me to craft your pendant, and then upto 2weeks for international postage.

Thanks and all the best,


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